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Colin Creevey's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Colin Creevey

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Heya Harry!! :D [26 May 2003|07:59am]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey Harry, I just wanted to ask if you'd gotten a photographer yet for you and Malfoy's wedding! :D I could do it! :D I mean if you wanted me to I know you're all probably mental! :D With the plans and all that is! :D Just let me know I guess I'll see you at breakfast but I wanted to remind myself to ask you and this seemed like a pretty good way, right Harry? :D Anyway I'll see you later! :D


Comments: Alright there, Harry?

Well, I have to go down to Slytherin to help Blai-- er, Zabini with his arms. Oh, and hi Harry! :D [03 Mar 2003|08:21pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Dra-- er, Harry's boyfr-- um. I meant, Malfoy asked me to go help his friend with his sore arms tonight. They're still hurting from all the work he did cleaning up after Harry's friend Ron's birthday party on Saturday night, I guess.

I wonder if I should call him by his last name, or if I can call him Blaise? I hope he doesn't try to shove me into the fireplace like Malfoy's other friends, those really really big mean boys. *worried* Oh well! :D I reckon I'll just call him Zabini unless he lets me call him with first names, like friends! Wow, it'd be neat to have a real friend in Slytherin! I've never had one before! But he's older... he won't want to be friends with me, and especially because I'm a Gryffindor.

Oh well! :D I have to get ready now, I guess. Blai-- I mean, Zabini, asked me to gel back my hair... and gave me a special kind of cologne to wear, too, Chanel 5! It sounds like the cartoon channel back home! :D And he gave me a set of Slytherin robes, he said it would make me less, hmm, I forgot the word, "inconspicuous" I think. And he gave me those curious tight black pants with the diamond-shaped holes in them, too. But if he's giving me things maybe he WILL like me and want to be my friend! :D That'd be neat!

See you later, Harry, alright!

Comments: Alright there, Harry?

Problem! [01 Mar 2003|09:55pm]
[ mood | scared ]


I just got back from the kitchens-- and-- the house elves were asking-- questions-- sorry, I can't breathe-- asthma-- running-- I-- the house elves want to come to the party! Well, not all of them, but-- that one-- the one who likes you, Harry! The one with the doily for a hat!

He followed me to the greenhouse when I brought up the cake and-- and he's going to come, because he likes "your Wheezy" and-- oh Harry, I'm so sorry, I didn't know-- didn't think anyone'd follow me!

Comments: Alright there, Harry?

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